Stand ye in the ways and see, and ask of old paths, which is the good way? 
and walk therein, and ye shall find refreshing for your souls

"It's all about the hill." Creating the best hill-portrait possible - that is the goal of this website; it has been created as an artiste's guide to Scotland's highest mountains, an encyclopaedia for artists and photographers that will help you to best portray each hill by understanding the mountain's character, its key features, its history, how to locate it, tips to capture its soul on paper or in an image. Scotland's mountains have a variety of thriving communities for climbing, hiking, bagging, days out - we would like to complement those with a community for artists where we can share knowledge, experience and encouragement, our passion. Each mountain has a dedicated web page with sections to help you with:

  • BANNER IMAGE - each page opens with a full-width portrait of the hill, with a credit that is a link to the creator's own site
  • THE STORY - what is the mountain's character, the history around it
  • THE DETAILS - the mountain's name, the translation, the height
  • THE LOCALE - what is around and about
  • THE VIEW-POINTS - where to stand, what you can see from where to portray the hill
  • PLANNING - links to the best information on walks, weather and maps

Ground rules: Munros are ancient monuments, they were classified in Imperial Measure so that is the primary standard used throughout this site. The heights are quoted in feet and distances in miles. Metric conversions are included for continental friends and the younger generation.

© Copyright for all images used throughout this site belongs to the original artist - each image has a credit and link so you can follow to the artist's own published work, our endeavour is merely to showcase the brilliance of people who are capturing the essence of Scotland's landscape and history, to build a wider audience for them. 

Many of these contributors are trying to run a business - please purchase from them if you can, to help to make Scotland grow on the world stage. This website is not a business, it exists to promote Scotland - its geography and history, and those that love the country.

The website is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION

progress notes will be updated here

The 4,000 foot mountains - the Top 9 Munros - are published, plus Ben Lomond

To get started, use the navigation at the top right of each page. The full list of Munros are arranged on the Hill Names (organised alphabetically) and Heights (organised by the highest to just made it) pages. If you are interested in an area of Scotland and would like to know which Munro(s) is nearby, use the map on the Where page to begin your exploration or click these links:

SCOTLAND  |  Northern  |  Eastern  |  Western  |  Southern

There are some mountains that are no longer included in the official list of Munros but may be of interest to the traveller; two summits reclassified to Corbetts are included on the Hill Names and Heights pages, the original-list mountains that are no longer Munros can be found on the The 1891s page.

On the References page you will find the details of my own background research for the production of this publication.


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